Buddhism Philosophy & Teachings

Understanding and Wisdom in Buddhism

As we were talking in the first introduction into Dharma theory, the basic Buddhist terminology was introduced by the Theravada or so called Hinayana tradition of Buddhism.And without the knowledge of the basics we cannot move on to the understanding of other concepts and traditions of the Buddhism.

Dharma Theory. Introduction.

Dharma probably is the most significant term that we should understand, when we want to understand the Buddhist philosophy. You probably have seen statements like: - “Buddha dharma”, - “go for a refuge to Buddha, Dharma and Saṅgha”, - or if you love to read books, you may find that “all dharmas are empty”. All Buddhist schools of thought classify according to their views on

Do you remember the Death?!

Do you remember the Death?! Are you thinking frequently about it? How do you imagine a Death? Are you thinking that you may die any given moment?! Nowadays many in the western countries believe in this or another way that reincarnation is a truth. But quite often I have had a feeling that an understanding, the way they use to think about it, is inappropriate.