4-39-1 Sāmaṇḍaka | Samyutta

Chapter V

39 Sāmaṇḍakasamyutta
Connected Discourses with Sāmaṇḍaka

1–16 A Question on Nibbāna, Etc.

On one occasion the Venerable Sāriputta was dwelling among the Vajjians at Ukkacelā.

Then the wanderer Sāmaṇḍaka approached the Venerable Sāriputta and exchanged greetings with him. When they had concluded their greetings and cordial talk, he sat down to one side and said to the Venerable Sāriputta:

Friend Sāriputta, it is said, ‘Nibbāna, Nibbāna.’ What now is Nibbāna?

(The remainder of this Samyutta is identical with the preceding one except for the identity of the interlocutor.)

But, friend, if a Bhikkhu is practising in accordance with the Dhamma, would it take him long to become an Arahant?

Not long, friend.