1. Parṇaśavarī

Parṇaśavarī (Tib. Lhamo Loma Gyunma) is a Buddhist deity of diseases, her worship is believed to offer effective protection against out-breaks of epidemics and contagious illnesses.

In English her name is sometimes translated as Mountain Ascetic - Wearing Leaves.

Tibetan Buddhism teachers especially recommend chanting Her mantra during these difficult times of Global Epidemic.

In Buddhism, Parṇaśavarī is depicted as an attendant of the Buddhist deity Tārā.

Parṇaśavarī is usually depicted in a yellow natural colour, with 3 faces and 6 hands.

The main face is slightly peaceful and wrathful with 3 eyes and the hair tied with a snake in a topknot on the crown of the head.

The red face on the left is in a desirous mood and the white face on the right is peaceful.

The first pair of hands holds a gold vajra and a vajra lasso held to the heart.

In the second pair is a vajra axe upraised in a manner of striking and a fan of fresh leaves and in the lower pair of hands is an arrow and bow.

Adorned with gold and jewel ornaments, a circlet of fresh leaves around the neck and a long snake necklace she wears an upper silk scarf grey in colour.

The lower body is covered with a thatched skirt of fresh leaves tied with a yellow silk ribbon.

With the right knee pressing on the sun disc and lotus seat she sits in a kneeling posture.

2. Mantra & Meditation

According to the sūtra of Parṇaśavarī, whoever recites the Parṇaśavarī mantra with a sincere heart, all kinds of epidemic illnesses, threats and obstacles can be prevented and keep oneself safe and unharmed.

It is recommended to start the Parṇaśavarī meditation by recalling her image in the mind and to repeat:

The vast expanse of the magical wisdom of all the Victorious ones / Give rise to the miraculously manifested glorious appearance, / The deity with power over the obstacles of diseases, harmful influences and misfortunes,/ I prostrate myself before you, the omnipresent excellent mother goddess of pacification:

Chant the Mantra of Parṇaśavarī: (x as many as you wish)

Oṁ Pisha Tsi Parna Shawari Sarva Dzara Trasha Manaye Svāhā

Dedicate the merits:

Through this merit, may I swiftly / Accomplish the state of Parṇaśavarī / And every single sentient being without exception, / Be established in that state of perfection too.