How to attain Enlightenment


I would like to re-publish here a few of my comments written during last days on the very important subject -

How to attain Enlightenment and Liberation in Buddhism?!

They were made during the discussion were I felt compelled to explain to People an often seen confusion - contrary to wide spread belief that Buddhism is about "being good", morals, ethics or may be complaining about sufferings, and similar sentimentality - I had to point that it is not.

Buddhism is about the Buddha state of mind - about the great experience of enlightenment and liberation from all conditional states.

If you act good, it will leave a good impressions in your mind and you will get good results. May be you will reborn as a god in your next life for some 100 billion years, and then you will come back to a human form and work again. If you do bad, evil things, it might leave some bad impressions in your mind and bring bad things in the future. This is called karma or conditioned existence or cyclic existence. In one word - dukha or sufferings. While Buddha explained those things and how they work, Buddha didn't command anybody what they should do. It is up to you.

Even worse - Buddha told, that whatever of the 2 you chose - it's still a property of cyclic existence and hence a suffering.

And then Buddha told - there is a state of mind, where is no suffering and is impossible for suffering to rise. What we know as Buddha state, state of Enlightenment, which is not constituted of 5 aggregates, which is comparable to nothingness or emptiness. You can not really say it exists, nor doesn't exist. Which doesn't depend on causes and effects, but is free or liberated from all causes and effects.

I hope you got the main picture.

The intro came out lengthier as I expected to write now, but I can elaborate at any time as I can...

And the comments mentioned above were about our Path to this very Enlightenment. They followed my explanation, that in Buddhist practice "The Goal is the Path"; not some learned morals or clever books; and even Buddha Sutras are only a finger pointing to the moon, not the Moon itself...

 Enlightenment is the path, we concentrate on it, we identify our mind with it, we absorb our mind in this light, we keep up this state of mind, we keep up our inner connection with our enlightened teachers whose nature of mind is everywhere, and finally , hopefully, we become One with that Light of Emptiness; all other world is only a manifestation of that inner light/state. The state of enlightenment implies the Liberation, Freedom from the influence of all conditioned things. What some great minds describe as "view of emptiness" or what I like - a view when your mind doesn't stick to any thing. By Liberation we mean, that it is free from choice - you are completely absorbed in it, in a moment, in here and now; a few minutes after reading a sutra you have forgotten it, because all your concentration is on your fingers....

if you have enlightenment as a goal and enlightenment as a path, "you are on the path of non-returning" - it means you know the essence of all things, even if you are not yet completely enlightened; and of course, samsara is behind;

I have heard many people nowadays have heard about the karma, they even are clever enough sometimes to argue about it with Christians - but they haven't heard, that all essence here is not in karma, but in Liberation from it! They are missing the point.