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Jōdo Shinshū Service
The Service of "True Pure Land School" of Buddhism.

Reading Instruction

May be read in normal speaking fashion or in chant fashion;
No chanting tones are required;
May be read in Sangha meetings or privately;
If privately, may be read aloud or silently.



Homage to Him, the Exalted One, the Enlightened One,
the Supremely Awakened One.


I go to the Buddha for Guidance
I go to the Dharma for Guidance
I go to the Sangha for Guidance

Shōshinge (Hymn of True Shinjin and the Nembutsu)
by Master Shinran

OPTIONAL: Ring Bell Two Times

(For Shōshinge and Wasan, may be read in Japanese or in English)

Shōshinge Text translated in English:


I take refuge in the Tathagata of Immeasurable Life!
I entrust myself to the Buddha of Inconceivable Light!
Bodhisattva Dharmakāra, in his causal stage,
Under the guidance of Lokeśvararāja Buddha,


Searched into the origins of the Buddhas' pure lands,
And the qualities of those lands and their men and devas;
He then established the supreme, incomparable Vow;
He made the great Vow rare and all-encompassing.


In five kalpas of profound thought, he embraced this Vow,
Then resolved again that his Name be heard throughout the ten quarters.
Everywhere he casts light immeasurable, boundless,
Unhindered, unequalled, light-lord of all brilliance,


Pure light, joyful light, the light of wisdom,
Light constant, inconceivable, light beyond speaking,
Light excelling sun and moon he sends forth, illumining countless worlds;
The multitudes of beings all receive the radiance.


The Name embodying the Primal Vow is the act of true settlement,
The Vow of entrusting with sincere mind is the cause of birth;
We realize the equal of enlightenment and supreme nirvana
Through the fulfilment of the Vow of attaining nirvana without fail.


Śākyamuni Tathagata appeared in this world
Solely to teach the ocean-like Primal Vow of Amida;
We, an ocean of beings in an evil age of five defilements,
Should entrust ourselves to the Tathagata's words of truth.


When the one thought-moment of joy arises,
Nirvana is attained without severing blind passions;
When ignorant and wise, even grave offenders and slanders of the dharma, all alike turn and enter SHINJIN,
They are like waters that, on entering the ocean, become one in taste with it.


The light of compassion that grasps us illumines and protects us always;
The darkness of our ignorance is already broken through;
Still the clouds and mists of greed and desire, anger and hatred,
Cover as always the sky of true and real SHINJIN.


But though light of the sun is veiled by clouds and mists,
Beneath the clouds and mists there is brightness, not dark.
When one realizes SHINJIN, seeing and revering and attaining great joy,
One immediately leaps crosswise, closing off the five evil courses.


All foolish beings, whether good or evil,
When they hear and entrust to Amida's universal Vow,
Are praised by the Buddha as people of vast and excellent understanding;
Such a person is called a pure white lotus.


For evil sentient beings of wrong views and arrogance,
The Nembutsu that embodies Amida's Primal Vow
Is hard to accept in SHINJIN;
This most difficult of difficulties, nothing surpasses.


The masters of India in the west, who explained the teaching in treatises,
And the eminent monks of China and Japan,
Clarified the Great Sage's true intent in appearing in the world,
And revealed that Amida's Primal Vow accords with the nature of beings.


Śākyamuni Tathagata, on Mount Lanka,
Prophesied to the multitudes that in south India
The Mahāsattva Nagarjuna would appear in this world
To crush the views of being and non-being;


Proclaiming the unexcelled Mahayana teaching,
He would attain the stage of joy and be born in the land of happiness.
Nagarjuna clarifies the hardship on the overland path of difficult practice,
And leads us to entrust to the pleasure on the waterway of easy practice.


He teaches that the moment one thinks on Amida's Primal Vow,
One is naturally brought to enter the stage of the definitely settled;
Solely saying the Tathagata's Name constantly,
One should respond with gratitude to the universal Vow of great compassion.


Bodhisattva Vasubandhu, composing a treatise, declares
That he takes refuge in the Tathagata of unhindered light,
And that relying on the sutras, he will reveal the true and real virtues,
And make widely known the great Vow by which we leap crosswise beyond birth-and-death.


He discloses the mind that is single so that all beings be saved
By Amida's directing of virtue through the power of the Primal Vow.
When a person turns and enters the great treasure ocean of virtue,
Necessarily he joins Amida's assembly;


And when he reaches that lotus-held world,
He immediately realizes the body of suchness or dharma-nature.
Then sporting in the forests of blind passions, he manifests transcendent powers;
Entering the garden of birth-and-death, he assumes various forms to guide others.


Turning toward the dwelling of Master T'an-luan, the Emperor of Liang
Always paid homage to him as a bodhisattva.
Bodhiruci, master of the Tripitaka, gave T'an-luan the Pure Land teachings,
And T'an-luan, burning his Taoist scriptures, took refuge in the land of bliss.


In his commentary on the treatise of Bodhisattva Vasubandhu,
He shows that the cause and attainment of birth in the fulfilled land lie in the Vow.
Our going and returning, directed to us by Amida, come about through Other Power;
The truly decisive cause is SHINJIN.


When a foolish being of delusion and defilement awakens SHINJIN,
He realizes that birth-and-death is itself nirvana;
Without fail he reaches the land of immeasurable light
And universally guides sentient beings to enlightenment.


Tao-ch'o determined how difficult it is to fulfil the Path of Sages,
And reveals that only passage through the Pure Land gate is possible for us.
He criticizes self-power endeavour in the myriad good practices,
And encourages us solely to say the fulfilled Name embodying true virtue.


With kind concern he teaches the three characteristics of entrusting and non-entrusting,
Compassionately guiding all identically, whether they live when the dharma survives as but form, when in its last stage, or when it has become extinct.
Though a person has committed evil all his life, when he encounters the Primal Vow,
He will reach the world of peace and realize the perfect fruit of enlightenment.


Shan-tao alone in his time clarified the Buddha's true intent;
Sorrowing at the plight of meditative and non-meditative practitioners and people of grave evil,
He reveals that Amida's light and Name are the causes of birth.
When the practitioner enters the great ocean of wisdom, the Primal Vow,


He receives the diamond-like mind
And accords with the one thought-moment of joy; whereupon,
Equally with Vaidehī, he acquires the threefold wisdom
And is immediately brought to attain the eternal bliss of dharma-nature.


Genshin, having broadly elucidated the teachings of Śākyamuni’s lifetime,
Wholeheartedly took refuge in the land of peace and urges all to do so;
Ascertaining that minds devoted to single practice are profound, to sundry practice, shallow,
He sets forth truly the difference between the fulfilled land and the transformed land.


The person burdened with extreme evil should simply say the Name:
Although I too am within Amida's grasp,
Passions obstruct my eyes and I cannot see him;
Nevertheless, great compassion is untiring and illumines me always.


Master Genku, well-versed in the Buddha's teaching,
Turned compassionately to foolish people, both good and evil;
Establishing in this remote land the teaching and realization that are the true essence of the Pure Land way,
He transmits the selected Primal Vow to us of the defiled world:


Return to this house of transmigration, of birth-and death,
Is decidedly caused by doubt.
Swift entrance into the city of tranquillity, the uncreated,
Is necessarily brought about by SHINJIN.


The mahāsattvas and masters who spread the sutras
Save the countless beings of utter defilement and evil.
With the same mind, all people of the present, whether monk or lay,
Should rely wholly on the teachings of these venerable masters.

Optional: Ring Bell Two Times

NOTE: Shōshinge is traditionally followed by the chanting of six sets of Nembutsu and Wasan by Shinran Shonin. Wasan are poems composed by Shinran Shonin, which explain his teaching in a simple form. There are three collections of Wasan. Here, the first six of these poems are recited. It concludes with the "Ekoku," written by Shan Tao (Zendo in Japanese, 618-681 CE), which expresses the aspiration that all beings benefit by the truth and virtue of the dharma.

Namu Amida Butsu...(say as many times as you like)

Amida has passed through ten kalpas now
Since realizing Buddhahood;
Dharma-body's wheel of light is without bound,
Shining on the blind and ignorant of the world.

Namu Amida Butsu..(say as many times as you like)

The light of wisdom exceeds all measure,
And every finite living being
Receives this illumination that is like the dawn,
So take refuge in Amida, the true and real light.

Namu Amida Butsu...(say as many times as you like)

The liberating wheel of light is without bound;
Each person it touches, it is taught,
Is freed from attachments to being and nonbeing,
So take refuge in Amida, the enlightenment of non-discrimination.

Namu Amida Butsu...(say as many times as you like)

The cloud of light is unhindered, like open sky;
There is nothing that impedes it.
Every being is nurtured by this light,
So take refuge in Amida, the one beyond conception.

Namu Amida Butsu...(say as many times as you like)

The light of purity is without compare.
When a person encounters this light,
All bonds of karma fall away;
So take refuge in Amida, the ultimate shelter.

Namu Amida Butsu...(say as many times as you like)

The Buddha's light is supreme in radiance;
Thus Amida is called "Buddha, Lord of Blazing Light."
It dispels the darkness of the three courses of affliction,
So take refuge in Amida, the great one worthy of offerings.

(Ekoku) Dedication of Merits

I vow that the merit-virtue of this truth
Be shared equally with all beings.
May we together awaken the Bodhi Mind,
And be born in the realm of Serenity and Joy.

Optional: Ring Bell Three Times