Benefits of Guru Rinpoche mantra

Guru Rinpoche
(the Precious Master)
(“Born of the Lotus”)
circa 8th - 9th century
Place of Birth:
Kingdom of Oddiyana
Tibetan Buddhism
Vajrayana Buddhism
Founder of Tibetan Buddhism
Founder of Nyingma tradition
(also known as:
Dzogchen, Great Perfection)
Guru Yoga
Terma ("hidden treasure")
Guru Rinpoche hid his secret teachings in mysterious places for later generations to be found; Accomplished Tibetan Masters find His teachings in course of centuries.
1. princess Mandarava
2. Yeshe Tsogyal (757–817CE)
Places associated:
1. Samye Monastery
(775-9, Tibet)
2. Maratika Cave (Nepal)

The Vajra Guru Mantra is the mantra associated with Guru Rinpoche, also known as Padmasambhava.

Originally it was concealed during the time Guru Rinpoche was living and teaching in Tibet and later re-discovered by the great tertön Karma Lingpa in 14th century, who wrote it on sheets of golden paper. Of course, we are talking about the famous mantra OM AH HUNG BENZA GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUNG

The full revealed text is known as “Syllable by syllable commentary and explanation of benefits and advantages of Vajra Guru mantra.

It begins with an invocation and continues with a dialog between Yeshe Tsogyal, the spiritual consort of Guru Rinpoche and Padmasambhava himself. And so Yeshe Tsogyal, the embodiment of ultimate wisdom started:

I, Lady Yeshe Tsogyal, after performing offerings to your inner and outer mandala, would like to ask the following question:

Oh, great teacher, Pema Jungne, you have been so extremely kind to us, Tibetan People, leaving a heritage behind you that will benefit us now and in future lives.

Your kindness is so great that we have never experienced anything like that before, nor will we experience anything similar in the future.

And even though I am a humble person, I have no doubt that I will reach enlightenment.

In the future, sentient beings will have a very limited awareness and many things will occupy their minds and create confusion for them. Their characters will be rough and difficult to tame.

They will evolve many wrong views on Dharma. Particularly, there will come times when the confusion of individuals will spread to teachings on the Secret Mantra and unsurpassable levels of tantra.

At that time, all sentient beings will suffer heavily from the disease, famine and war.

Due to the spread of these three calamities, China, Tibet and Mongolia will experience riots like when an anthill is destroyed and there will be a time of great suffering for the Tibetan people.

Though you have explained at length about many skilful means to escape from those circumstances, sentient beings in the future will have no time to practice.

Although they might have some slight inclinations to practice, they will face great obstacles:

They will experience a great disharmony. They will be conflicting and as a result their behaviour will become very impure.

Bad times like these will be very difficult to avoid. When it will happen, what will be benefits and advantages of those who will completely rely on Vajra Guru Mantra practice?

I beg you to explain it for the benefit of sincere devotees of the future, who may not be able to hear your words, so you should explain it for them now.

Then the great master Pema Jungne replied to her:

The 7 Line Prayer
Guru Rinpoche

Oh faithful lady, what you said is very true. These times will come in the future for sentient beings and they can benefit immensely from Vajra Guru Mantra, both immediately and in long term.

Since my spiritual instructions and the methods of practice that I offer are immeasurable, I have hidden a large number of Terma, hidden treasures, in water, rocks, in the sky and so on.

When the times of destruction will come, it will be very difficult to find these teachings:

It will be very difficult to fulfil the necessary conditions to be able to reveal these teachings. This will be a sign that the collective merits of beings are on decline.

However, if , during those times, this essential mantra, Vajra Guru Mantra will be repeated as much as possible – a hundred times, thousand times, ten thousand times, hundred thousand times, million times, hundred million times and so on,

if it will be repeated in holy places, temples, next to large rivers, in areas where gods and demons abound, if it will be chanted in those places by tantric practitioners with pure samaya, by people with monastic ordination, who maintain their vows in purity, by men and women who have faith in the teachings,

if they will grow their Bodhichitta on a grand scale by reciting this mantra, then the benefits and advantages, the power of such practice will be truly inconceivable.

It will protect from all negative forces of disease, famine, unrest, bad harvests and all bad omens in all countries of the world,

so that there will be plenty of water for agriculture and for human and animal life, and all regions and the air will experience conditions of prosperity and good luck.

Those who will practice this way will meet me again and again, in this life, in their future lives and in intermediate state between death and rebirth. It’s most easy to see me for those whose consciousness is awakened. Those with a lesser attainment I meet again and again in their dreams.

Gradually moving towards perfection through various paths and stages of their practice, they will definitely reach the fullness of absolute awareness in my Pure Land in the continent of Ngayab. Have no doubt about it!

If you will recite this mantra a hundred times in a day, only one hundred times a day, without interruption, you will become attractive to others and without an effort you will get food, wealth and all that is necessary in life.

If one will read this mantra a thousand or ten thousand times every day, he or she will become very charismatic and will exert a positive influence to people and will have a great spiritual power and realization of many blessings.

If somebody repeats it a hundred thousand or million times regularly, he will be able to provide an immeasurable benefit to sentient beings, just like he would wish to.

If somebody will recite this mantra three or seven million times, he will be forever inseparable from Buddhas of three times and inseparable from me myself. All gods and demons in all six realms will serve him and offer their praises.

Only absolutely perfect beings will obtain the rainbow body and the final attainment in this very life. For more mediocre practitioners the aspects of mother and child energies of radiant light will merge at the moment of death.

But also the most average people will see my face at the state of Bardo, the after-death state, when they will experience the appearances of different liberating Buddha-aspects and they will be able to reborn in the land of Ngayab and bring an immeasurable benefit for living beings from there.

Thus Guru Rinpoche responded to Yeshe Tsogyal.

Yeshe Tsogyal said:

Oh, great master, it was very kind of you to tell us about the huge and immeasurable benefits of the spiritual energy of this mantra. However, it would be of immeasurable benefit for sentient beings of the future to receive a more detailed explanation. For this reason I beg you to reveal more detailed meaning of each syllable of this mantra.

Answering this request Guru Rinpoche said:

Oh, daughter of good family, the Vajra Guru mantra is not only my mantra, it invokes the essence or life force of all deities of four tantra classes, all nine yanas and the completeness of all 84 000 Buddha teachings.

It turns towards all Buddhas of three times, all gurus, yidams, dakas and dakinis, dharma protectors, etc. This mantra contains and completes the core essence of all these.

How this can be true, you might ask me?! What is the reason all beings complete this mantra?

Listen now carefully and keep this in mind. Read and read it again! Write it down and teach it, and show it to everyone, for the benefit of all sentient beings:

OM AH HUNG are the highest syllables, the essence of enlightened body, speech and mind
BENZA is the highest essence of the indestructible family
GURU is the highest essence of the jewel family
PEMA is the highest essence of the lotus family
SIDDHI is the highest essence of the activities family.
HUNG is the highest essence of the transcendent family

OM is the perfect splendor and richness of Sambhogakaya
AH is the total unchanging perfectness of Dharmakaya, the body of absolute Reality
HUNG brings the presence of Guru Rinpoche as Nirmanakaya, the physical emanation of absolute Reality.
BENZA represents all deities from Heruka’s energy field.
GURU refers to the root and transmission gurus and the holders of intrinsic awareness
PEMA brings the perfect union of daka and dakini
SIDDHI is the life force of all spectrum of gods and guardians of the Terma teachings
HUNG is the life force of dharmapala, the deities of protection

OM AH HUNG are the vital forces of the three tantric classes
BENZA is the life force of monastic discipline and the class of sutra teachings
GURU is the life force of the Abhidharma and kriya(action) yoga, the first level of tantra
PEMA is the life force of the charya(conduct) yoga, the second class of tantra and yoga tantra, the third class of tantra
SIDDHI is the life force of the teachings of mahayoga and anuyoga classes
HUNG is the life force of ati yoga, the Natural Great Perfection (Maha-Ati)

OM AH HUNG purify obscurations which arise from the three mental poisons: desire/attachment, aversion, and ignorance
BENZA purifies obscurations which arise from anger
GURU purifies obscurations which arise from pride
PEMA purifies obscurations which arise from desire/attachment
SIDDHI purifies obscurations which arise from envy/jealousy
HUNG in a general way purifies obscurations which arise from all emotional afflictions

Through OM AH HUNG you can reach the three kayas
Through BENZA the pure and mirror-like wisdom is realized
Through GURU one realizes the unaffected wisdom of 'fairness
Through PEMA one realizes the unaffected wisdom of discernment
Through SIDDHI one realizes the unaffected wisdom of all wisdoms
Through HUNG one realizes the unaffected wisdom of the inner space

Through OM AH HUNG gods, demons and men are subdued
Through BENZA you gain power over evil forces of certain gods and demons
Through GURU one gains control over the malevolent forces of the Lord of Death and hungry ghosts
Through PEMA one gains control over the evil influences of the water and wind elements
Through SIDDHI one gains control over the evil influences of non-human forces and spirits which bring harm and exert a negative influence on life
Through HUNG one gains control over the evil influences of planetary configurations and earthly spirits.

OM AH HUNG brings realization of the six paramitas
BENZA brings realization of pacifying activities
GURU brings realization of enriching activities
PEMA brings realization of magnetizing activities
SIDDHI brings realization of enlightening activities in general
HUNG brings realization wrathful activities

OM AH HUNG removes all the curses and imprecations
BENZA removes the negative consequences of broken samaya with deities with unaffected wisdom
GURU removes the negative influences of eight classes of gods and demons in samsara
PEMA removes the negative influences of nagas and earthen spirits
HUNG removes the negative influences of gods, demons, humans and samsaric deities

OM AH HUNG defeats the army of five poisons of the mind
BENZA defeats anger
GURU defeats pride
PEMA defeats desire / attachment
SIDDHI defeats envy and jealousy
HUNG defeats the armies of gods, demons and humans

OM AH HUNG leads to extraordinary spiritual powers or siddhis
BENZA gives the siddhi of peaceful and wrathful deities
GURU gives the siddhi of the awareness-holders and the lineage gurus
PEMA gives the siddhi of dakas, dakinis and dharma protectors
SIDDHI gives mundane and supreme siddhis
HUNG gives siddhi to achieve whatever one wishes

OM AH HUNG transfers consciousness to the pure realms of experience
BENZA transfers consciousness to the eastern pure realm of Manifested Joy
GURU transfers consciousness to the southern pure realm of Glory and Splendor
PEMA transfers consciousness to the western pure realm of the Great Blessing
SIDDHI transfers consciousness to the northern pure realm of Perfect Generosity
HUNG transfers consciousness to the central pure realm of Unwavering

If all benefit of even one repetition of OM AH HUNG BENZA GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUNG could be imagined in a physical form, the whole world would not be enough to grasp the merit. All sentient beings, who see, hear or remember this mantra will join forever with enlightened ones with unlimited inner wisdom.

If, however, these words of wisdom regarding Guru Rinpoche mantra would not lead sentient beings to the goal they wish to attain, as I promised, then I, Pema Jungne, am truly deceiving sentient beings.

But I am not lying, so you should practice accordingly to my instructions.

Even if you are not able to recite the mantra for any reason, you should place it on top of the flag of victory, so when the wind touches it, it will bring liberation to sentient beings, no doubt.

Alternatively you can write it on clay or carve in stone. This way you will protect the path on which these syllables are placed and will protect the region from evil effects.

You can also write this mantra with a golden ink on a dark-blue paper and wear it as an amulet. When you die, if this amulet will burn together with your body, you will see the rainbow lights and your consciousness will be transferred to the realms of Supreme Bliss.

The benefits of writing, reading or reciting it are beyond imagination.

After explaining all benefits of Guru Rinpoche mantra for the benefit of sentient beings in the future I will hide this treasury. Only the one with very good karma will be able to find it.

Samaya, samaya. Sealed. Sealed. Sealed. Sealed. Sealed. Sealed.