Vajra Armor Healing Mantra


This is the great Vajra Armor mantra of Padmasambhava, healing all 404 types of diseases; provide protection from sicknesses and bad omens sent by celestial beings and so on. It is believed the mantra was given by Guru Rinpoche and concealed as Terma and later revealed to beings by the great tertön Dorje Lingpa.
In other words – Vajra Armor is considered a very powerful and effective healing mantra for all kinds of sicknesses. What is below is the text of terma exactly as revealed by Dorje Lingpa. Regards! @Red Zambala.

From Terma of Dorje Lingpa

It contains the "Vajra Armor" mantra,
which requires only to be repeated, taken
from the "Hundred thousand healing mantras."
It occurs in three terma1.

Homage to Guru Padmasambhava and the greatest teachers
The Age of decay2 will be characterized
With a very little human’s merit
Seasonal rains will dry out,
No harvest will be ripe at usual time.
People will do unwholesome deeds,
Making troubles to Bhutas3.
Malicious forces from above and below,
As well as hordes of natural forces

1. gTer kha sum ldan. Probably refers to the three Terma-texts revealed to Ratna Lingpa, Sangye Lingpa and Pema Ledrel Tsalom.
2. INga brgya dus kyi mtha’ ma. Expression meaning Kali-yuga, the age of decay.
3. 'Byung po. Name for a class of spirits that correspond to Bhutas in Indian tradition.

Will sow diseases like leprosy, skin rash and seizures.
Many yet unknown infectious diseases will show up
And doctors will be unable to recognize these diseases.
Six beneficial medicines4 will not be enough to
(cure) suffering of these diseases.
(At that time) trust this mantra (extracted
from) one hundred thousand healing mantras,
Which gradually makes invulnerable to harm,
unleashed by evil forces from above and below.
Repeat this mantra as much as you can, avoiding needless words.
(Then) undertake to repeat it hundred times a day5.
(If you use it) to help others, you should know that
There’s no disease that cannot be cured,
Using for bathing or (drinking) water,
blessed with this mantra.
It does not require any visualization
Or compliance with any rules.
This is the instruction (contained in the mantra)

4. Six beneficial medicines: Nutmeg, beneficial for the heart, the core of bamboo, beneficial for lungs, saffron, beneficial for liver, cloves, beneficial for vitally important channels and cubeb (or tailed pepper, an Indian plant)-beneficial for spleen.
5. According to the text of Dorje Lingpa and other commentaries, Vajra Armor mantra should be practiced during a three days long private retreat, without talking with others, repeating it without an interruption from the moment of waking up until going to sleep, except of mealtime. Because it doesn’t require a certain kind of concentration or visualization, it’s not necessary to maintain a posture or regulated practice sessions. After the end of three-day retreat, it is advised to repeat it at least a hundred times daily to activate its potential.


Originally the line Sarva Brita Hana Hana consists from 8 syllables6. However, to avoid option that due to Tibetan grammar rules the word BRITA7 could be pronounced incorrectly, the mantra was written with 9 syllables – SARVA BIRITA HANA HANA. TADYATHA means “Thus” and this word is not counted in thirty syllables8 of mantra.

Vajra Armor mantra, which requires only to be repeated
And contained in “Hundred Thousand Healing mantras”
Is especially (effective) for diseases [sent] from the heaven,
(such as) fever with the nature of fire,water, wind9.
In case of intoxication with simple and complex poisons, as well as
(other) kinds of poisons
It’s enough to drink water, blessed with this mantra.

7. Sanskrit syllable bri in Tibetan transliteration would be transferred in the way Tibetans would read it as dri, to make sure correct way of reading it was written in Tibetan as BIRITA.
8. For this reason the word TADYATHA can be omitted during mantra reading.
9. gZa' nad. Paralysis – sickness, which derives its name from the spirit which sends it, related to brain dysfunction. Manifests as loss of consciousness, fainting, loss of speech, incontinence. Includes epilepsy, paralysis and others. Diseases sent from heaven get their names from planetary influence.

Its use is recommended for diphtheria10,
Anthrax11, pleurisy12, diseases (sent by) mamo13
(Diseases like) cramps14, bloody diarrhea, Chickenpox15 ,
Tumors of the stomach, colon, hydrops, leprosy,
Blisters, shingles16, cowhide17, skin rash18
Ulcers, cysts, abscesses,
And especially for infectious diseases and harm,
sent from top and bottom.
All diseases of the eye, such as corneal opacity19,
the growth of the flesh, barley, growth on the cornea20

10. Diphtheria (Gag pa) - Infectious disease owes its name to its symptom - difficulty swallowing. It affects the pharynx, larynx and tongue.
11. Anthrax (Lhog pa) - Infectious disease that affects the major muscles of the body.The characteristic symptom is a tremor of endings of muscles and limbs, like boiling water, the literal meaning of the word - "boiling."
12. Pleurisy (gZer thung) - Infectious disease owes its name to its symptoms, short-term acute pain, forcing the patient to issue loud groans. Manifests itself mostly in the upper part of the body, affects lungs, so the same is known as stod gzer glo tshad - "lung fever, which causes severe pain in the upper part of the body.”
13. Mamo (Ma mo) – class of female beings, not from human world.
14. Cramps (Pho log) – Painful feelings in the abdomen, caused by the weakening of digestive fire, accompanied by the growth of intestinal bacteria, irritation in stomach and colon, what causes severe pain and retracting in the stomach.
15. Chicken Pox (Brum pa) - Smallpox and its associated disease, manifested in the form of a rash.
16. Shingles (Me dbal) - Infectious skin disease, which manifests itself in the form of red spots, as well as a strong burning pain.
17. Cowhide - Skin disease, accompanied by discoloration, thickening, rough skin, which is similar to the skin of bull’s neck under mane. Manifests in a form of whitish bubbles, similar to those that appear on the skin that has been licked by a bull; literal name - "licked by a bull (bas sdags hjih bas ldag). Perhaps eczema.
18. Skin rash (Gyen pa) - Skin disease caused by swelling of the lymph, together with itching and skin discoloration.
19. Corneal opacity (Ling thog): growth on the iris or whites of the eyes that occurs due to imbalance of life-forces: wind, bile, phlegm and blood.
20. Growth on the cornea (Ling ro) - the residue of the skin on the cornea.

Can be cured with water, blessed with this mantra.
Any external disease
Can be cured with this mantra.
All bone diseases, including teeth,
Can be mitigated (if you drink) salt water,
blessed with this mantra.
To cure any fever
Drink ice-water21 blessed with this mantra.
Against diseases with the nature of cold, drink
a drink of spirits, blessed by mantra.
In case of a sudden illness throw (to patient)
consecrated mustard seeds.
In diseases of filth,
Stir the baking soda in the water with molasses and cleanse (the affected area).
There is not a contagious disease,
From which it would be impossible to recover pronouncing (mantra).
(This mantra) eliminates the punishment of gods; painful
diseases caused by the influence of planets22,
Attacks by Gyalpo23 and cruelty Nyan24 .
It liberates from the white and black anthrax25.

21. ice-water (Gangs chu) – a water from a river that begins from glaciers, taken near where it begins, or a water from a melted snow, with a strong quality of cold.
22. gZa’ yi gzer nad: Diseases of Planets.
23. rGyal po : Spirits of Gyalpo class, which creates mind disturbances.
24.gNyan : Non-human beings, Rules over the dimension between the sky and earth. Their symbols are Trees.
25. White and black anthrax (Lhog pa dkar nag) – special symptoms of the white anthrax - tumor with a little pain, urine and pulse indicate a predominance of cold. Special symptoms of the black anthrax - tumor with a little pain, urine and pulse indicate a predominance of heat.

accidents, done by earthen
Nagas26 , Nyans and Tsans27
From (attacks) of the eight classes of gods and demons28.
It releases of the plague29 sent by mamo, intestinal
diseases caused by provocations30;
From theft of life force by teurangs31;
From accidents created by tenma32.
It relieves from a pain (sent by) magic
of Mantrics33, conflict of trigrams34;
astrological oppositions;
Bad omens related to unfavorable
fourth year35, all eighty36 (bad omens)

26. Nagas – non-human beings, ruling in the water and under the ground.
27. bTsan – Tsans.
28. Eight classes of gods and demons – Non-human beings of the universe are classified in 8 classes: du (bdud) , tsan (btsan), lu (klu), lha (lha), mamo (ma mo), shinje (gshin rje), gyalpo (rgyal po) and nochzhin (gnod sbyin). If people annoy them by their behavior, beings of eight classes in retaliation punish them, sending them serious illnesses.
29. Yams nad. Plague
30. rGyu yi bsrang nad. Diseases from provocations.
31. Theurangs (The’u sris rku) – class of beings similar to human, but smaller height.
32.Tenma (brTan ma) – class of non-human beings of feminine gender, associated to mamo class.
33. Mantrics (sngags pa) – practitioners who have realized the power of mantras.
34. Eight trigrams (sPar kha), associated with the year of birth, current year, person’s personal features, etc. The trigram is considered unfavourable if, for example, it is characterised by combination of fire and water, etc.
35. “Unbeneficial Fourth year” – The year of birth is symbolized with an animal, which comes once during a twelve-year cycle. Unbeneficial for the person are years, which are four years behind of his own symbol. For example, for a person born on the year of Mouse the next unfavourable year will be the year of Rabbit and his previous unfavourable year has been the year of Bird.
36. Usually it is spoken about eighty-one unbeneficial omen.

It liberates from seven hundred twenty sudden37 (sicknesses), and also
From damage caused by three hundred and sixty yedrogs38.
It cures from all the four hundred and four types of diseases39,
And all sorts of misfortunes.
It liberates from astrological oppositions40;
breach of vows;
From dangerous vows;
From all male and female spirits
Encountered at dusk and dawn;
From nine bad astrological omens41.
Read this mantra, strong as vajra rock,
As much as possible for three days.
Then write it down in gold on dark blue paper
Bless it and wear around your neck;
Then it will not lose its strength,
Despite the black magic trcks.
Who would wear it, will get a life (like) Brahma,
As well as other extraordinary qualities.
This is Vajra armor, bestowing protection
Fighting wheel, reflecting (magic).
It is the secret instruction for all mantras, which reflect (magic).

37. 720 sudden diseases (bLo bur bdun bigya nyi shu)
38. Ye ‘drogs A sort of harm sent by external evil forces.
39. 404 types of sicknesses – a traditional classification of sickness in Tibetan medicine.
40.Astrological oppositions (Phyogs ngan kag)
41. (Ngan gdu) Nine harmful astrological omens - Days of the simultaneous presence of nine evil earthbound spirits – rulers of the earth.

Do not disclose it to anyone!
To obtain this essential instruction
Is similar to obtaining a heart.
You can’t find so secret teaching not only
In China, India, Kashmir
And Oddiyana, but in a whole world.
The body of the person who owns it is like a vajra;
It is as precious as human life.
It is more precious as a heart:
Give it only to those (whom you value) as your Heart,
Otherwise your samaya will be broken,
And Dakini will impose a punishment of guardians on you,
But after the death you will be born in a hell.
(This mantra taught by) Guru Padmasambhava
Consists of thirty syllables,
One O , four I,
One E and four long pauses42:
It is extremely important (to repeat it) exactly like this, nothing missing or adding
There are many stories about the transference (of this mantra) and
many (descriptions of its) benefits, I do not repeat them here,
in order to not unnecessarily lengthen (text). Considering this (mantra)
profound, Guru Padmasambhava chose it from a hundred thousand Healing mantras, concealing
it as a treasure in the rock Stairway of Heaven43 for the benefit of sentient beings.

This text was (written) by me, Dorje Lingpa.

42. Ring cha : Four pauses at the end of each line. Among the four I are also I in BIRITA.
43.gNam skas brag – Heavenly Stairway.

It is said that this mantra should not be given to the one who didn’t offer an ounce of gold44!
Assume that you will have less thoughts (about the practice), but more faith.
May you have fewer thoughts (regarding this practice) and more faith!
Samaya Gya Gya Gya

44. gSer zho : a little less than ounce – 28 grams of gold.