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Gampopa | The founder of Kagyu

Prior to endless aeons when Lord Gampopa was a Bodhisattva, he accumulated the immeasurable merits (accumulation of virtues and accumulation of insight) in the presence of many Buddhas. He received all the definitive teachings from Tathāgata Śākyamuni Buddha. Later then, by the name of the Jīvaka (Bhikṣu Physician) he was known to the people of Tibet. He lived with 500 perfect and imperfect disciples, receiving

Instructions of Gampopa

No great introduction is needed to His Holiness Gampopa - probably the most prominent Teacher in Tibetan Buddhism of the 12th century, the most important student of the famous Jetsun Milarepa - and teacher of the First Karmapa, the men who established the Kagyu lineage of transmission in Tibetan Buddhism. His name Gampopa literary means "the man from Gampo", but He is also known as