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7 Point Mind Training | Geshe Chekawa

Seven Point Mind Training By Geshe Chekawa (1101–1175) (Edition Annotated by Thogme Zangpo). Point 1: The Preliminaries. Point 2: The Actual Training in Bodhichitta. Point 3: Transforming Adverse Circumstances into a Path to Enlightenment. Point 4: Condensation of the Practice in One Lifetime. Point 5: The Measure of Having Trained Our Minds. Point 6: 18 Close-Bonding Practices. Point 7: 22 Points to Train In. Concluding Verses

Geshe Chekawa and “Training the Mind”

Geshe Chekawa (1102–1176) was a prolific Kadampa Buddhist meditation master who composed the text Training the Mind in Seven Points and spread the study and practice of training the mind throughout Tibet, the explanation of Buddha's instructions on Training the Mind or Lojong in Tibetan. These teachings reveal how sincere Buddhist practitioners can transform adverse conditions into the path to Enlightenment, by developing their own Compassion.