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On a fourth day of eleventh month in 1507 in Damchu in Eastern Tibet, Eighth Karmapa Mikyö Dorje was born. After his first breath the new-born opened his eyes and declared: - Karmapa. Rumours about the extraordinary child spread around very soon and reached Tashi Paljor, Third Situ Rinpoche, who immediately noticed the place of boy’s birth coincides with that predicted in the letter of

Ninth Karmapa Wangchuk Dorje was born on seventh month in 1555. His biographers say that right after his birth he wiped his face three times and proclaimed: - I am Karmapa! Soon baby became famous and rumours about him reached also Situ Rinpoche, who was living in Karma monastery. Circumstances of boy’s birth coincided to those details given in a prediction letter of Karmapa Mikyo

Tenth Karmapa Chöying Dorje was living when difficult times hit Tibet. Regent of 5th Lobsang Gyatso, the future Dalai-lama, requested the aid of Güshi Khan, Mongolian Emperor to invade Tibet, to turn over the power to Gelug school and enthrone Lobsang Gyatso as a ruler of Tibet, Dali-lama. Tenth Karmapa had to spend most of his time in exile, however he had many good students,

Eleventh Karmapa Yeshe Dorje (1676–1702) had the shortest lifespan of all Karmapas, but he was exceptional teacher. Once he manifested himself in many bodies and was giving teachings in each of them. He had many predictive visions, according to one of them he found the new incarnation of Shamarpa in Nepal and later introduced the Red Hat as an attribute of all Shamarpas. Yeshe Dorje

Twelfth Karmapa Changchub Dorje was born in Dege region in Kham, Eastern Tibet in the year of Water Sheep (1703).His village was located on the bank Golden river, as it was pointed out by Yeshe Dorje in his prediction letter. Shortly before his birth, tertön Minjur Dorje noticed his father that something very auspicious is expected in their family. The family of Changchub Dorje was

Thirteenth Karmapa Dudul Dorje was born in Chawa Drong – a village located in four days journey from Lhasa, - on eighth month in year of Water Bull (1733). Shortly before this auspicious event Lama Katog Tsewang Norbu had a vision in which this village clearly was seen as a birthplace of new Karmapa. Once in a dream Dharma Protector Mahakala appeared to him, the

Fourteenth Karmapa Thegchog Dorje was born in Kham in Salmo Gang – a village owned by Danang family. This auspicious event took place in year of Fire Snake (1798). While his mother was pregnant, she was seeing extraordinary dreams, predicting the birth of Teachers incarnation. In the day of his birth rainbows appeared in the sky and flowers blossomed, even it was in mid-winter. The

Fifteenth Karmapa Khakyab Dorje was born in 1871. During his lifetime he was studying with the best teachers of his time, revealing hidden teachings, building and refurbishing monasteries. Khakyab Dorje paid his first visit to Kingdom of Bhutan and gave many Dharma teachings there. On his return from Bhutan he marries to several wives, gives teachings to many new incarnations of Rinpoches, including young Situpa,