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Longchenpa | Life & Works

Longchenpa (Longchen Rabjampa, 1308-1363) is perhaps the most important philosophical author in the history of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism and one of the great figures in 14th century Tibet, a time of larger-than-life authors and systematizations of sectarian traditions. Longchenpa is renowned as the systematiser of the Nyingma tradition of the Great Perfection (Dzogchen), which he expounded in a series of brilliant texts.

Dzogchen: Precious Garland | Longchenpa

Dzogchen: The Four-Themed Precious Garland by Longchenpa (1308–1364). Precious Human Rebirth. Death and Impermanence. Shortcomings of Saṁsāra. Developing a state of Śamatha. The cool shade of the precious wish-granting tree of the ways of the Triumphant One’s Dharma offers protection from all the torments of compulsive (Saṁsāra) existence and complacent (Nirvāṇa. I shall explain the good qualities of the 4 aspects (of the Dharma).

30 Words of Advice | Longchenpa

A short and instructive poem - Thirty Words of Advice from the Heart by Longchen Rabjampa (Longchenpa) (1308-1363) – the famous teacher in Tibetan Buddhism in tradition of Nyingma and Dzogchen – the Great Perfection. I have followed many learned and realized masters and received many profound instructions, I have seen a few profound Sūtras and Tantras; Yet whilst knowing them, I do not apply