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*/ 2. One day, after leaving his cave to collect firewood, Milarepa returned " to find five Indian demons with eyes as large as saucers " whom he thought to be apparitions of the deities who disliked him. As he had never given them any offering, he then began to sing a... Complimentary Song to the Deities of Red Rock

*/ 11. Travelling with his disciples, Milarepa came to Din Ri Namar where he enquired for the name of the outstanding patron. Learning that the physician Yang Nge was a devoted Buddhist, he proceeded to his house, where the physician said, "It is said that Jetsun Milarepa can use anything at hand as a metaphor for preaching. Now please use

*/ 21. Shiwa Aui then requested, "Now please tell us of the sufferings of animals ." Whereupon Milarepa sang: Animals, alas, are ignorant and benighted; Most stupid men will incarnate amongst them. Blind and enslaved by evil Karma, The ignorant know not Dharma's Truth. Blind both to evil and to virtue, They quickly waste their lives away. Unable to reason

*/ 31. At first, when a man greets his relatives, He is happy and joyful; with enthusiasm He serves, entertains and talks to them. Later, they share his meat and wine. He offers something to them once, they may reciprocate. In the end, they cause anger, craving and bitterness; They are a fountain of regret and unhappiness. With this in

*/ 41. Drashi Tse, a patron, once asked Milarepa: "Do you think I should concentrate my effort on meditation alone or not?" The Jetsun replied, "It is for the very sake of practice that the Dharma is preached and studied. If one does not practise or meditate, both studying and preaching will be meaningless." Hearken, my faithful patrons! Even sinful

*/ 51. A young shepherd by the name of Sanje Jhap, who was 16 years old, became interested in knowing what his mind really was. Milarepa tested his ability by instructing him to go for Refuge to the Three Precious Ones and then to visualize a Buddha-image in front of his nose. The boy was not seen for seven days