5-48 9-11 Indriya Saṃyutta | Samyutta

IX. Diligence

83 (1)–92 (10) The Tathāgata, Etc.

(To be elaborated by way of the faculties parallel to 45:139–48.)

Tathāgata, footprint, roof peak,
Roots, heartwood, jasmine,
Monarch, the moon and sun,
Together with the cloth as tenth.

X. Strenuous Deeds

93 (1)–104 (12) Strenuous, Etc.

(To be elaborated parallel to 45:149–60.)

Strenuous, seeds, and Nāgas,
The tree, the pot, the spike,
The sky, and two on clouds,
The ship, guest house, and river.

XI. Searches

105 (1)–114 (10) Searches, Etc.

(To be elaborated parallel to 45:161–70.)

Searches, discriminations, taints,
Kinds of existence, threefold suffering,
Barrenness, stains, and troubles,
Feelings, craving, and thirst.