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7 Limb Prayer | Śāntideva

The Seven Limb Prayer by Śāntideva, an 8th-century Indian Buddhist monk and scholar at Nālanda. I take safe direction, till my purified state, from the Buddhas, the Dharma, and the Highest Assembly. By the positive force of my giving and so on, may I actualize Buddhahood to help those who wander! Buddhas of all directions: please shine Dharma's lamp for limited beings suffering and groping

Bodhisattva Behaviour | by Śāntideva

Bodhisattvacaryāvatāra - Engaging in Bodhisattva Behaviour by Śāntideva c. 8th century. Part 1 - The Benefits of Bodhichitta. Respectfully, I prostrate to the Blissfully Gone (Buddhas) endowed with Dharmakāya, as well as to their (Bodhisattva) offspring and to everyone worthy of prostration. Let me explain (how to) engage in the Blissfully Gone offsprings' code, which I’ve compiled and condensed in accord with Buddhas’ words to