Law of Dependent Origination

The Law of Dependent Origination

The theory of Dependent Origination (Pratītya Samutpāda; Pāli: paticca-samuppāda), which literally means “arising on the ground of a preceding cause.” The texts of the Theravada tradition portray Śāriputra (the Buddha’s disciple) as saying “whoever understands Dependent Origination understands the teaching of the Buddha, and whoever understands the teaching of the Buddha understands Dependent Origination”. The theory of Dependent Origination is usually divided into 12 links

Law of Dependent Origination

Dependent Origination (PATICCA SAMUPPADA) What is the Law of Dependent Origination? According to this law, every phenomenon owes its origin to another phenomenon prior to it. It may simply be expressed as “depending on this, this originates”. Why then did the Buddha teach the doctrine of Dependent Origination? It was to show through which causes and conditions, suffering comes into being, now and hereafter. It

10. Dependent Origination The Sarvāstivāda Abhidharma interpretation of the key Buddhist doctrine of Dependent Origination ( pratītya-samutpāda ) focuses on how the 12 links ( nidāna ) contribute to rebirth from the perspective of 3 periods of existence (past, present, future). This is explained in the following way: Past causes 1. Ignorance ( avidyā ), represents all the defilements in one's past life, since all

Law of Dependent Origination | Early Buddhism 2

The flourish with which the discovery of dependent origination or causal concatenation is announced in the Pali canon,shows the importance the Buddhist monks and schoolmen attached to the formula. The real point is whether the rule of law governing the destinies of sentient existence was couched in the language of the dependent origination formula by the Buddha himself or some of his followers.

Praise of Dependent Arising | Tsongkhapa

In Praise of Dependent Arising by Je Tsongkhapa (1357–1419). Unawareness is the root of as much torment as there is in the world. Thus, you spoke of dependent arising, which, if seen, turns that back. How could those with intelligence not have comprehended the path of dependent arising as being the essential point of your teachings? “Whatever depends on conditions is devoid of a self-establishing nature.”