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“Monks, if anyone should speak in disparagement of me, of the Dhamma or of the Sangha, you should not be angry, resentful or upset on that account. If you were to be angry or displeased at such disparagement, that would only be a hindrance to you. If others disparage me, the Dhamma or the Sangha, then you must explain what

Sire, there is this Blessed Lord, the Arahant, the fully-enlightened Buddha staying in my mango-grove with a large company of some twelve hundred and fifty monks. This Blessed Lord is an Arahant, a fully-enlightened Buddha, endowed with wisdom and conduct, the Well-Farer, Knower of the worlds, incomparable Trainer of men to be tamed, Teacher of gods and humans, enlightened and

And Pokkharasāti said to Ambaṭṭha: 'Ambaṭṭha, my son, the ascetic Gotama... is staying in the dense jungle of Icchānankala, And concerning that Blessed Lord a good report has been spread about… Now you go to see the ascetic Gotama and find out whether this report is correct or not, and whether the Reverend Gotama is as they say or not.

Brahmins heard that Soṇadaṇḍa intended to visit the ascetic Gotama. So they called upon him and asked if this were true. 'So it is, I am going to visit the ascetic Gotama.' 'Sir, do not visit the ascetic Gotama, it is not fitting that you should do so! If the Reverend Soṇadaṇḍa goes to visit the ascetic Gotama, his reputation

Kūṭadanta thought: 'I have heard that the ascetic Gotama understands how to conduct successfully the triple sacrifice with its sixteen requisites. Now I do not understand all this, but I want to make a big sacrifice. Suppose I were to go to the ascetic Gotama and ask him about the matter.' So Kūṭadanta went with a large company of Brahmins

'Mahāli, in one case a monk, facing east, goes into one-sided samadhi and sees heavenly sights, pleasant, delightful, enticing... but does not hear heavenly sounds. By means of this one-sided samadhi he sees heavenly sights but does not hear heavenly sounds. Why is this? Because this samadhi only leads to the seeing of heavenly sights, but not to the hearing

'Kassapa, it may be that wanderers of other sects will say: "The ascetic Gotama roars his lion's roar, but only in empty places, not in company." They should be told that this is not true: "The ascetic Gotama roars his lion's roar, and he roars it in company." Again, I see one practiser of mortification... arising after death in a

Poṭṭhapāda saw the Lord coming from a distance, and so he called his followers to order, saying: 'Be quiet, gentlemen, don't make a noise, gentlemen! That ascetic Gotama is coming, and he likes quiet and speaks in praise of quiet. If he sees that this company is quiet, he will most likely want to come and visit us.' At this

Once the Venerable Ānanda was staying at Sāvatthi, in Jeta's grove, in Anāthapiṇḍika’s park, shortly after the Lord's final passing. And at that time the youth Subha, Todeyya's son, was staying at Sāvatthi on some business. And Subha said to a certain young man: 'Go, my lad, to where the ascetic Ānanda is, ask him in my name if he

Once, Kevaddha, in this order of monks the thought occurred to a certain monk: "I wonder where the four great elements — the earth element, the water element, the fire element, the air element — cease without remainder." And that monk attained to such a state of mental concentration that the way to the deva-realms appeared before him. - We