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Pāyāsi Sutta: About Pāyāsi. Debate with a Sceptic. Prince Pāyāsi said to the Venerable Kumara-Kassapa: 'Reverend Kassapa, I hold to this tenet and this view: There is no other world, there are no spontaneously born beings, there is no fruit or result of good or evil deeds.' 'Well, Prince, I have never seen or heard of such a tenet or

Pāyāsi Sutta: About Pāyāsi. Debate with a Sceptic, 2 part. 'Even though you say this, Reverend Kassapa, still I cannot bear to give up this evil opinion. King Pasenadi of Kosala knows my opinions, and so do kings abroad. If I give it up, they will say: "What a fool Prince Pāyāsi is, how stupidly he grasps at wrong views!"

Pāṭika Sutta: About Pāṭikaputta. The Charlatan. . 'A few days ago, Sunakkhatta came to me, saluted me, sat down to one side, and said: "Lord, I am leaving the Blessed Lord, I am no longer under the Lord's rule." So I said to him: "Well, Sunakkhatta, did I ever say to you: 'Come, Sunakkhatta, be under my rule'?" "No, Lord."

Udumbarika-Sīhanāda Sutta: The Great Lion's Roar to the Udumbarikans. Nigrodha saw Sandhāna approaching from a distance, and he called his followers to order, saying: 'Be quiet, gentlemen, don't make a noise, gentlemen! The householder Sandhāna, a follower of the ascetic Gotama, is approaching. He is one of the number of white-robed householder followers of the ascetic Gotama in Rājagaha.

Cakkavatti-Sīhanāda Sutta: The Lion's Roar on the Turning of the Wheel. 'Once, monks, there was a wheel-turning monarch named Dalhanemi, a righteous monarch of the law, conqueror of the four quarters, who had established the security of his realm and was possessed of the seven treasures: the Wheel Treasure, the Elephant Treasure, the Horse Treasure, the Jewel Treasure, the Woman

Aggañña Sutta: On Knowledge of Beginnings. Then the Lord said to Vāseṭṭha: 'Vāseṭṭha, you two are Brahmins born and bred, and you have gone forth from the household life into homelessness from Brahmin families. Do not the Brahmins revile and abuse you?' 'Indeed, Lord, the Brahmins do revile and abuse us. They don't hold back with their usual flood of

Sampasādanīya Sutta: Serene Faith. Venerable Sāriputta came to see the Lord, saluted him, sat down to one side, and said: 'It is clear to me, Lord, that there never has been, never will be and is not now another ascetic or Brahmin who is better or more enlightened than the Lord.' How is this? Have all the Arahant Buddhas of

Pāsādika Sutta: The Delightful Discourse. At that time the Nigaṇṭha Nātaputta had just died at Pāvā. And at his death the Nigaṇṭhas were split into two parties, quarrelling and disputing, fighting and attacking each other with wordy warfare. Now the novice Cunda, who had spent the Rains at Pāvā, came to Sāmagāma to see the Venerable Ananda. And he related

Lakkhaṇa Sutta: The Marks of a Great Man | 1 Part. The Lord said: 'There are, monks, these thirty-two marks peculiar to a Great Man, and for that Great Man who possesses them, only two careers are open. If he goes forth from the household life into homelessness, he will become an Arahant, a fully-enlightened Buddha, who has drawn back

Lakkhaṇa Sutta: The Marks of a Great Man | 2 Part. 'Being endowed with these marks,... as a ruler he will be rich, of great wealth and resources, having a full treasury of gold and silver, all sorts of goods. As a Buddha he will be wealthy and rich, and these will be his treasures: faith, morality, moral shame, moral