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Best three ways to practice Buddhism

Accordingly to three ways of practice (ethics, concentration and wisdom), Buddhist texts are divided depending on their subject to discipline, Buddha’s dialogs and metaphysics. If practitioner is truly able to start mastering these three ways of practice and study those texts and convey the same to others, we can say he is really a follower of Buddha Teachings. The need to practice and study these

Three types of Wisdom

There are three types of wisdom-awareness, which can be translated as “ordinary knowledge, lesser transcendent awareness, and highest wisdom-awareness.” They are that which is born of receiving instructions through hearing, that which is born of reflection, and that which is born of meditation. There are ten branches of knowledge that are studied diligently in the Tibetan tradition so that disciples of the Buddha dharma can

8 obstacles to practice Buddhism

Buddhism philosophy states that all beings have the Buddha nature. But not all beings are able to reach Buddhahood, enlightenment. To reach enlightenment one has to have a beneficial human body. It is the basis to reach enlightenment. There are many other beings like hungry ghosts and hell beings that are not able to reach enlightenment and many humans in unbeneficial circumstances as well. There

5 types of potential to reach Buddhahood

We use to say that all living beings have a potential to reach enlightenment. This is what the Third Noble Truth of Path to Enlightenment assumes. Although due to our past karma, not all beings have the same abilities and potential to reach the realization. For this reason Buddha Shakyamuni were giving different teachings for different people with different level of realizations, abilities and hence

Do you remember the Death?!

Do you remember the Death?! Are you thinking frequently about it? How do you imagine a Death? Are you thinking that you may die any given moment?! Nowadays many in the western countries believe in this or another way that reincarnation is a truth. But quite often I have had a feeling that an understanding, the way they use to think about it, is inappropriate.

Buddha Images in Art

Buddha images - whether they are Indian, Thai, Chinese, or Japanese - are usually readily recognizable: The date an image was created rarely confuses its identification as Buddhist because the iconography of the Buddha image has remained constant almost from the earliest invention of the image type, even though the style of the figure has varied depending on date and geographical location. The earliest images