Gelug School | Tibetan Buddhism

4th Panchen Lama

Lobsang Chokyi Gyaltsen was born in a village called Drukgya in the Lhang valley, in Tsang, in either 1567 or 1570. The boy was recognized as the reincarnation of Ensapa Lobsang Döndrup (1505-1566) and given the name Chokyi Gyaltsen. With Tsang forces out of Lhasa, in 1622 Chokyi Gyaltsen was able to enthrone the Fifth Dalai Lama at Drepung. Chokyi Gyaltsen was given the title

Geshe Chekawa (1102–1176)

Geshe Chekawa (1102–1176) was a prolific Kadampa Buddhist meditation master who composed the text Training the Mind in Seven Points and spread the study and practice of training the mind throughout Tibet, the explanation of Buddha's instructions on Training the Mind or Lojong in Tibetan. These teachings reveal how sincere Buddhist practitioners can transform adverse conditions into the path to Enlightenment, by developing their own Compassion.

Wheel of Sharp Weapons | Dharmarakṣita

Wheel of Sharp Weapons by Dharmarakṣita (c. 9th century). The Wheel of Sharp Weapons Effectively Striking the Heart of the Foe was composed by the great Yogi Dharmarakṣita in his retreat in the jungle where many fierce animals prey. From among his many disciples, Dharmarakṣita transmitted these teachings to Atiśa; and Atiśa practiced them wherever he travelled in order to tame those who were most

400 verses | Āryadeva

400 Verses on the Middle Path by Āryadeva (c. 3rd century), one of the fathers of Madhyamaka philosophy of Mahāyāna Buddhism and the main disciple of Ārya Nāgārjuna. The work consists of 4 parts or 16 chapters: 1. Overcoming Incorrect Consideration; Parts 1-4 2. Overcoming Disturbing Emotions and Helping Others; Parts 5-8 3. Refuting Distorted Views about Time, Space and Self; Parts 9-12 4. Refuting