Jonang School | Tibetan Buddhism

Dölpopa’s Great Stūpa at Jomonang, Tibet

The Jonang is one of the schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Jonang is particularly important in that it has preserved this complete Kālacakra system, which is now also practiced in other schools. The 11th century Kālacakra yogi Yumo Mikyö Dorje (b. 1027) is regarded as one of the earliest Tibetan teachers of a Shentong View - an understanding of the absolute radiant nature of reality.

400 verses | Āryadeva

400 Verses on the Middle Path by Āryadeva (c. 3rd century), one of the fathers of Madhyamaka philosophy of Mahāyāna Buddhism and the main disciple of Ārya Nāgārjuna. The work consists of 4 parts or 16 chapters: 1. Overcoming Incorrect Consideration; Parts 1-4 2. Overcoming Disturbing Emotions and Helping Others; Parts 5-8 3. Refuting Distorted Views about Time, Space and Self; Parts 9-12 4. Refuting

Tathāgatagarbha Sutra

Tathāghatagarbha Sutra - one of the basic Buddhist sutras from the third turning of wheel of Dharma, where Buddha explained the basic principle of Tathāgatagarbha or Buddha-dhātu, in our days well known us "Buddha Nature".