Sakya School | Tibetan Buddhism

Sakya Monastery in Ponpori Hills

Sakya ("pale earth") school is one of 5 major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. The name Sakya ("pale earth") derives from the unique grey landscape of the Ponpori Hills in southern Tibet near Shigatse, where Sakya Monastery, the 1st monastery of this tradition, and the seat of the Sakya School was built by Khön Könchok Gyalpo (1034–1102) in 1073. Sakya was founded by scholar Drogmi.

Sakya Paṇḍita (1182–1251)

Very inspiring text by H.H. Sakya Pandita - one of the founders of Sakya tradition of Tibetan Buddhism on Liberation from Four most important attachments - attachments to life, samsara, self-interest and reality of things! Having obtained a body with all the freedoms and advantages, encountered the precious teachings of the Buddha, and genuinely aroused the right attitude, now we need to put the Dharma

400 verses | Āryadeva

400 Verses on the Middle Path by Āryadeva (c. 3rd century), one of the fathers of Madhyamaka philosophy of Mahāyāna Buddhism and the main disciple of Ārya Nāgārjuna. The work consists of 4 parts or 16 chapters: 1. Overcoming Incorrect Consideration; Parts 1-4 2. Overcoming Disturbing Emotions and Helping Others; Parts 5-8 3. Refuting Distorted Views about Time, Space and Self; Parts 9-12 4. Refuting