Kāma Sutta | Sn IV-1


IV Aṭṭhaka Vagga

1. Kāma Sutta

Sensual Pleasures

772. A sentient being with the propensity for sensual pleasure is in pleasure, certainly pleased, whenever his sensual interest is fulfilled according to his desires. (1)

773. Desire having arisen in him, the creature of sensual pleasures is suffering, as though struck by a poisoned arrow, when deprived of his objects of sensual desires. (2)

774. Just as a wary man avoids treading on the snake's head, so also the mindful disciple tries to avoid all sensuality, and manages to be untouched by all desires in life. (3)

775-6. He is greedy for property of land, gold and silver, cows and horses, slaves and servants, women and kinsmen; his desire for sensual objects knows no bounds.

This greed, seemingly harmless, causes havoc in him. For dukkha (trouble) is constantly seeping in just like water getting into a leaking boat. (5-4)

777. Therefore, a person should always take care to avoid sensuality:

Such careful avoidance amounts to draining out defilements, as would a careful boatman, draining out the water from his leaking boat, cross the floods to the other bank.(6)

End of the First Kāma Sutta