Pasūra Sutta | Sn IV-8


8. Pasūra Sutta

Discourse on the Ascetic Pasūra

830. The ordinary way of mankind, espousing with a peculiar belief, peculiar to one's own (such as Eternalism), naturally extols one's own creed, claiming that purity is found only in his faith, and never says that purity is possible with other practices. (1)

831. The contentious ones, entering an assembly, regard each other with mutual disdain. Upholding a different creed, wanting popular approval, the bigot assumes himself wise and tries, to outdo the others in a war of words. (2)

832. Desirous of winning popular acclaim, the disputant tries to decry other creeds in public. When he meets opposition, he frowns and scowls; if someone criticizes him, he is upset with anger. (3)

833. When the wise judges declare the disapproved doctrine as the loser, the lost contender bewails and pines, muttering, Oh Poor Me, they've scored me off. (4)

834. This sort of contentions arise among monks, (of non-Buddhist Order), bringing jubilation (to the winner), and despondency to the loser, seeing their futility, a Bhikkhu should stay away from disputes.

No good comes out of disputes other than (cheap) applaud. (5)

835. Futile as a dispute is, the contender enjoys entering into one, when he meets with approval he is greatly pleased, he gets puffed up; he gets great satisfaction out of it. (6)

836. But in fact such high spirits prove his undoing, for he is apt to be vainglorious, using harsh speech.

Seeing the evils of contentiousness, one should keep away, from controversy, for no purifying effect is there, the wise warn. (7)

837. As the hero in the King's service would go after a worthy combatant, bragging hero Pasūra run towards someone whoever challenges you; as for me, I have quelled all combatants (defilements), since attaining Buddhahood. (8)

838. They who hold false views quarrel with each other about their views; truth is here, in my doctrine, they would claim.

(Pasūra) go and quarrel with such a protagonist, for, if a dispute arises, there's none here to quarrel with you. (9)

839. Pasūra, Arahants have cleared all foes (defilements); they go about in a free spirit, not taking sides in quarrels about views.

How could you get a dispute with an Arahant, who does not uphold any view whatever? (10)

840. Yet you come to me with your mind steeped in false views, wishfully thinking of winning a war of words with the Buddha, the One who has shaken off all defilements.

But you won't be able to seek any quarrel with the Buddha. (11)

End of the Eighth Pasūra Sutta