Tibetan Book of the Dead | Part 12




Whatever the religious practices of any one may have been, —whether extensive or limited,—during the moments of death various misleading illusions occur; and hence this Thödol is indispensable.

To those who have meditated much, the real Truth dawns as soon as the body and consciousness-principle part.

The acquiring of experience while living is important: they who have [then] recognized [the true nature of] their own being, and thus have had some experience, obtain great power during the Bardo of the Moments of Death, when the Clear Light dawns.

Again, the meditation on the deities of the Mystic Path of the Mantra, [both in the] visualizing and the perfecting stages, while living, will be of great influence when the peaceful and wrathful visions dawn on the Chönyid Bardo.

Thus the training in this Bardo being of particular importance even while living, hold to it, read it, commit it to memory, bear it in mind properly, read it regularly thrice;

let the words and the meanings be very clear; it should be so that the words and the meanings will not be forgotten even though a hundred executioners were pursuing [thee].

It is called the Great Liberation by Hearing, because even those who have committed the five boundless sins are sure to be liberated if they hear it by the path of the ear. There­fore read it in the midst of vast congregations. Disseminate it.

Through having heard it once, even though one do not comprehend it, it will be remembered in the Intermediate State without a word being omitted, for the intellect becomes nine-fold more lucid [there].

Hence it should be proclaimed in the ears of all living persons; it should be read over the pillows of all persons who are ill; it should be read at the side of all corpses: it should be spread broadcast.

Those who meet with this [doctrine] are indeed fortunate. Save for them who have accumulated much merit and absolved many obscurations, difficult is it to meet with it. Even when met with, difficult is it to comprehend it.

Liberation will be won through simply not disbelieving it upon hearing it.

There­fore treat this [doctrine] very dearly: it is the essence of all doctrines.

The Setting-Face-to-Face while experiencing Reality in the Intermediate State, called “The Teaching Which Liberates by Merely Being Heard and That Which Liberates by Merely Being Attached”, is finished.