Tibetan Buddhism Sūtras

Tathāgatagarbha Sutra

Tathāghatagarbha Sutra - one of the basic Buddhist sutras from the third turning of wheel of Dharma, where Buddha explained the basic principle of Tathāgatagarbha or Buddha-dhātu, in our days well known us "Buddha Nature".

Amitayus Long Life Sutra

I am publishing this Amitayus Long Life Sutra for the benefit of all beings. May be it doesn’t carry so much discursive knowledge as some other sutras; it is rather a hymn and mantra to the Buddha Amitayus. But it is said it carries a large spiritual benefit to sentient beings. You can read it to acquire a long life for yourself or your loved

Buddha Amitabha Sutra

At one time the Blessed One, the Buddha Shakyamuni, was staying near the city of Shravasti, in the cloistered garden that the generous Anathapindada gave to the Buddhist Order in Prince Jeta's grove. He was staying there with a large gathering of monks numbering one thousand two hundred fifty. These monks were well known for their extraordinary powers. They were true elders, great disciples. They

Medicine Buddha Sutra

Once Buddha Shakyamuni, the World-Honoured One, was traveling throughout the various lands to teach and convert the people. When he arrived in Vaisali, he rested under the Tree of Music, accompanied by 8,000 great Bhiksus. An immeasurably great Assembly, including 36,000 great Bodhisattvas as well as kings, great ministers, Brahmins, laymen and women, the Eight Types of Divinities and other human and non-human beings, gathered