Rāhula Sutta | Sn II-11


11. Rāhula Sutta

Discourse on the Rāhula

337. (Rāhula) Do you ever hold in contempt a wise man, who happens to be long associated with you? Do you honour those people who hold up the light for you? (1)

338. (O Buddha) I do not hold in contempt any wise man who may be associated with me for long. I always honour those people who hold up the light for me. (2)

339. (Rāhula) having renounced your fame with faith (confidence) in the Dhamma, forsake the alluring and gratifying sensuous pleasures, work out the end of all ill (dukkha). (3)

340. (Rāhula) keep the company of virtuous friends. Make your abode in an out-of-the-way, secluded and quiet spot. Have moderation in food. (4)

341. (Rāhula) don’t crave for your raiment (robes), or food, or medicines or monastery. Don’t seek another existence. (5)

342. (Rāhula) be a keeper of the Bhikkhu’s precepts (Pātimokkha) and the 5 faculties. Practise mindfulness on the nature of the body. Let there be more and more weariness of existence. (6)

343. Don’t entertain lustful thoughts about any (animate or inanimate) object however alluring it might be.

Build up powerful concentration with one-pointed awareness for fruitfulness in meditation on the repulsive body. (7)

344. Meditate well in the ephemeral nature of things. Give up the inclinations to one’s illusory self. By so giving it up you will find bliss (Nibbāna). (8)

Thus the Buddha always admonished Rāhula in the above verses.

End of the Eleventh Rāhula Sutta