Uṭṭhāna Sutta | Sn II-10


10. Uṭṭhāna Sutta

Discourse on the Diligence

333. (O bhikkhus) rouse yourselves and sit in meditation!

What good would you get out of sleeping? How would sleep help when you are under the throes of the dart of your passion piercing in your sides? (1)

334. (O bhikkhus) rouse yourselves and sit in meditation!

Take up your training in mindfulness vigorously for the sake of Nibbāna. Don't let Death get you unaware, for he is ever searching for the careless and slothful. (2)

335. All existence, whether celestial or human, depends on desire. And desire or craving for existence, which pervades all beings, must be overcome.

Now is the greatest, rarest of opportunities, being the Era of the Buddha's Teaching, so don't let this golden opportunity pass by.

Those who fail to prevail themselves of this grandest of opportunities are liable to be sorry, for they will fall to the nether world on their death. (3)

336. (O bhikkhus) slackness is (like) fine particles of dust. Not being aware of one's slackness- about being slack - is fine dust accumulating itself into dirt.

By overcoming slackness, by cultivating Insight-Knowledge you should remove the dart (of evil passions) that has pierced your mind. (4)

End of the Tenth Uṭṭhāna Sutta