Practice of Mahāyāna Buddhism

15 Karmapa on benefits of Om Mani Peme Hung mantra

Here is an excerpt from the writing of the 15th Gyalwa Karmapa Khakyab Dorje (1871–1922), the Head Lama of the Karma Kagyu tradition, on the meaning and benefits of Chenrezig’s mantra OM MANI PEME HUNG. Karmapa has given this commentary on a Four-Armed Chenrezig practice. The first syllable, OM, is white; it is the manifestation of Lord Chenrezig’s 5 wisdoms and perfect meditation.

Benefits of Guru Rinpoche mantra

The Vajra Guru Mantra is the mantra is also called mantra of Guru Rinpoche, who is also known as Padmasambhava. Originally it was concealed during the time Guru Rinpoche was living and teaching in Tibet and later re-discovered by the great tertön Karma Lingpa in 14 th century, who wrote it on sheets of golden paper. It is known as “Syllable by syllable commentary and

Origin of mantra Karmapa Chenno

Here I would like to share with you a story about the origins of Karmapa Chenno mantra. The Karmapa mantra has originated at the times of 8 th Karmapa Mikyo Dorje (1507-1554) in context of teaching about "Calling the Lama from afar." It is believed sounds of this mantra are directly connected with the enlightened mind of HH Karmapa and carry its enlightened qualities and

Healing Mantras in Tibetan Buddhism

In my previous article about the basics of Tibetan medicine I already explained how it is closely related with Buddhism, right livelihood and religious principles. Often it may appear difficult to maintain all external conditions, like appropriate ingredients for a healing food or some others. But the good news is – as long we are alive in this life and body, we have our mind

Vajra Armor Healing Mantra

This is the great Vajra Armor mantra of Padmasambhava, healing all 404 types of diseases; provide protection from sicknesses and bad omens sent by celestial beings and so on. It is believed the mantra was given by Guru Rinpoche and concealed as Terma and later revealed to beings by the great tertön Dorje Lingpa. In other words – Vajra Armor is considered a very powerful

Chenrezig - our compassionate friend!

The mantra of Chenrezig is probably the most popular Buddhist mantra in the world. It has been repeated by every Mahāyāna Buddhist in the world disregarding all other possible differences. Chenrezig is always ready to come and help. These are the 6 syllables which prevent rebirth into the 6 realms of cyclic existence. It translates literally as "OM the jewel in the lotus HUM"

Nenbutsu | Nianfo

Nenbutsu, also transcribed as nembutsu (Chinese, nianfo; Korean, yombul), is the religious practice in Pure Land Buddhism of chanting or invoking the name of the Buddha Amida (Sanskrit, Amitābha or Amitāyus; Chinese, Amituo). There are many Buddhas, but in practice, nenbutsu typically refers to chanting Amida’s name: In Japan, the practice consists of reciting the 6-character formula Namu Amida Butsu (Chinese, Namo Amituo Fo), “Homage